About Us


About Us

Our company is among the fastest-growing Educational Options Trading Communities. We have 1,000+ members with a monthly subscription. We use live trading as a source to teach all trading techniques and strategies.
To allow members to communicate with me conveniently, and other mentors, we built this Discord Server. To allow members to subscribe to in-app notifications to receive regular alerts about our latest posts, we have developed channels. We work continuously to build bots and automation to scan the group and send signals to the group automatically when the scanners get a big order.
To stream live on YouTube weekly on pre-market every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, we have collaborated with Everyday Growth Advisors. In these live- streams, we cover everything from pre-market news, hot topics, watchlists, and questions/answers. All of these live-streams are free of cost for everyone, so do not forget to visit the Everyday Growth Advisors YouTube channel and subscribe to it.

How We Started


In our very first post, which started with a 5,000 USD Weekly Challenge, which I set as a personal objective of seeing how much I could be able to make, by researching and sharing different selection with others, within a week. We made $38,400 with a profit rate of 919 percent, the most significant profit from two streams, at the end of our first trading week. It was achieved by the ideas that erupted due to Astro's amazing resources and lectures.


To my best capability, we study important upcoming earning reports and predict the movement of stock after reporting. I am working on channel growth to benefit as many people as possible. Please note that not everyone can bet on Earnings Report. Only people with extra income should do it, and that should also be used only to support other investment strategies such as retirement funds, and stocks. If you want to know about additional trading strategies, continue reading below.

Only a few strategies are mentioned below, that we focus most in our community; however, in our Discord educational chat room, we cover all aspects:


During pre-market hours we hand curate watchlists in our watchlist room. Apart from this list, most of our traders use this trading style to purchase and hold positions for long periods. We use multiple scanners, custom-built trend painters, and indicators, to identify the best trading opportunities.


We have a small agile traders group focusing on calling out scalp and day trade opportunities, using the watchlists provided every morning. Ensure to either use TD Ameritrade's cash account or have unlimited day trades (25000+ USD in portfolio), as those are fast, in-and-out positions in one day. Join us, and we will teach you methods and strategies to perform all of this in our education community.


"Gamblers," a smaller traders group, focus on researching and monitoring ER plays closely. Callouts are typically in the form of a pick or skip (due to unforeseen market conditions), within the last 15 min of the trading day. Usually, traders playing ER gambles use extra revenue or income from swing or day trades, for such games.